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  • You wouldn’t buy a new car and never change the oil?

  • Why Do you Need A Care Plan? 

    WordPress is an ever evolving piece of software, with often releasing updates packed with new features, bug fixes, security fixes, and more. Unfortunately, many businesses neglect to update their WordPress installations and plugins, which will cause problems.

    Any software that is as popular as WordPress will become a target for hackers. Unfortunately sometimes, a bug will be found that hackers can use to their advantage to access or deface a WordPress installation. Fortunately the people at WordPress are quick to react to these security exploits, often releasing a fix before you even know there’s a problem. Businesses that never update to the new versions and continue to run the old versions of WordPress will still be susceptible to attacks from savvy hackers who abuse the security hole.

    It’s important to update to the newest versions of WordPress to ensure that your website is secure against potential attacks from hackers.

    In order to keep your website at optimal performance and security, your website needs to be on an ongoing website care plan which will protect your investment and offer peace of mind.

    For only $29.99, Hoosier Web Nerd implements advanced WordPress security protection against hackers, bots, and spam and keep your WordPress Core, Plugins, & Themes up-to-date for the fastest performance and most optimal protection.


    1. Backups of Your Website-Backup is the cornerstone of WordPress website management. If an update fails, or your website crashes, it’s imperative to have an up-to-date backup of your website. Hoosier Web Nerd takes the load of your mind by running scheduled backups and making sure that up-to-date backup is always ready.
    2. Uptime Monitoring- Uptime Monitoring saves you time worrying if your website is up. If your website goes down, Hoosier Web Nerd is notified giving him a chance to fix the problem before it becomes serious. When your website is down, you’re losing visitors and with that revenue, Uptime Monitoring makes sure that this doesn’t happen to you.
    3. Website Plugin Management-Managing plugins and themes is the biggest time consumer. Just going through your websites to check what needs updating or installing will take away precious time. Hoosier Web Nerd will keep your website plugins and new wordpress versions updated.
    4. Performance Checks-The Performance Check gives you insight into what is happening with your website and how it’s performing. I give you a monthly breakdown of the factors that are affecting your website. You can see each individual factor and its grade, as well as giving you recommendations on how I can improve your website performance.
    5. Security Checks- Hoosier Web Nerd conducts weekly Security Check to make sure that your website is clean, and will take action if any files become infected. Stop being in the dark when it comes to your security.


    VIP Status-  Customers on my care plan are bumped to the top when they need website changes or help.


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