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  • A Killer Marketing Plan for 2018

    Yes, a responsive website should be a part of your strategic plan for 2017, but really the one thing your killer marketing plan needs is consistency. The one thing I most often advise my clients is – consistency wins the internet. Consistently Have a plan Know your goals Target the right keywords Stay on top of what your competitors are doing Blog about topics of value [...]

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    #1 Marketing Strategy: Your Marketing Message

    Your marketing message is what forms the background of all your marketing strategies and communications. If your marketing message is weak, unclear or poorly crafted, then it doesn't matter what specific marketing tactics you use...your prospects and customers won't take notice. Find out the five questions your marketing message should be answering in order to be dynamic and effective. Your [...]

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    3 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business

    Do you feel like you just mastered Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for business and now marketing professionals are telling you that you have to have a strong Pinterest presence too? We know your head is spinning, but take a deep breath. We’re here to boil down the important ins and outs of Pinterest for business. In 2016 Pinterest had a big change. They switched from chronological feed to a [...]

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    3 Nerd Approved Facebook Engagement Tactics

    So your Facebook engagement is down a bit, and you’re not sure what to do. No one is liking your page anymore. You hate to spend the money to boost. Is it really worth it? Hoosier Web Nerd is here to help with three nerd approved engagement tactics. Social media is all about engaging your audience and being conversational. Kind of funny given that everyone is behind a computer [...]

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    Business Blogging with Hoosier Web Nerd

    We often find clients are fearful of one little word – blogging. Their first responses are – I can’t write worth a darn, or what the heck do we have to write about. The thing they often aren’t thinking about is that business blogging isn’t just the regular chronicle your life or tell me about your latest adventures blogging. It’s not a personal blog, nor is it a hobby blog or a [...]

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