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  • The one thing your killer marketing plan needs

  • Yes, a responsive website should be a part of your strategic plan, but really the one thing your killer marketing plan needs is consistency. The one thing I most often advise my clients is – consistency wins the internet.


    • Have a plan
    • Know your goals
    • Target the right keywords
    • Stay on top of what your competitors are doing
    • Blog about topics of value
    • Engage with your followers on social media, especially via video
    • Stay involved in your industry
    • Be a thought leader
    • Review your analytics and measure success

    Creating an online presence you are proud of and that brings inbound leads to your door step doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, of strategic marketing decisions, and it all starts with a plan.

    Hoosier Web Nerd can help. An expert in our field with a team of marketing professionals that can help you harness all the most important tactics within your marketing plan. Things like the following proven marketing tactics.

    Proven Marketing Tactics:

    • Engaging website
    • SEO rich content
    • Content of value
    • Targeted keywords
    • Thought leadership
    • Networking
    • Pull marketing
    • Social ads
    • Digital ads
    • Videos
    • Trade shows and events
    • Webinars
    • Influencers/Community building
    • And more

    Not every tactic is right for every brand. It all starts with a marketing plan – a key element to identify your overall marketing goals and objectives, leverage internal competencies and identify the tactics and resource you’ll need to outsource. Remember to be realistic and make sure that your end goals and objectives are within reach. Successful marketing plans are built on accurate data, have focus and buy-in from all stakeholders. Once your plan is in place, define your key tactics – then consistency wins.

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