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  • 3 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business

  • Do you feel like you just mastered Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for business and now marketing professionals are telling you that you have to have a strong Pinterest presence too? We know your head is spinning, but take a deep breath. We’re here to boil down the important ins and outs of Pinterest for business.

    In 2016 Pinterest had a big change. They switched from chronological feed to a smart feed with an algorithm similar to Facebook and Instagram. I know, we just said Instagram. Don’t freak out. We’ll chat about that one another day. Today let’s just work on becoming a power pinner!

    Business Pinterest Account is a Must

    First things first, you need a business Pinterest account, not a personal account. A business account allows you access to analytics, so you can measure the ROI of your pinning and see what’s bringing traffic to your site. Business accounts also allow for rich pins, which look more professional and offer additional information.

    Now Let’s Pin

    It’s all about visual, baby. High-quality pins are a must. That means vertical and 735 x 1100. Easy to read content that is keyword rich. Focus on your business niche. Create boards that will provide content of value to your followers and build brand loyalists. Become a top notch resource in your field – a one stop shop for information and ideas. Don’t only pin your own content. Nobody likes a “look at me” show. Pin quality content from other sources as well. It’s all about great pins and being a go-to resource.

    Consistency Wins the Internet

    Just like in other marketing avenues consistency wins the internet. Want your Pinterest business account to be successful and worth the time you spend on it? Then be consistent. Pin daily. Did you know the best accounts pin at least 5-10 pins a day? It may seem overwhelming, but once you get in the groove, it will seem like a breeze. There are always scheduling tools you can use as well. Or you can ping Hoosier Web Nerd and have our team do strategic pinning for you. We’re kind of nerdy and love that stuff.

    Ready to add Pinterest to your 2017 digital marketing strategy?