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3 Nerd Approved Facebook Engagement Tactics

So your Facebook engagement is down a bit, and you’re not sure what to do. No one is liking your page anymore. You hate to spend the money to boost. Is it really worth it? Hoosier Web Nerd is here to help with three nerd approved engagement tactics.

Social media is all about engaging your audience and being conversational. Kind of funny given that everyone is behind a computer screen of some sort, right? How exactly is one conversational when it’s all via typed posts and hashtags? In these modern times, yes being conversational means learning to carry a conversation over social media with your audience and providing them with content that is of value… and yes, using hashtags correctly.

3 Facebook Engagement Tactics

  • Are you tending to just push “information” out to your followers? Lots of product pictures and links with how to purchase, or only publishing posts about your services and then linking to your services pages? Okay, they get it. You sell stuff. You’re good at what you do. Customer also want to see you as an authentic regular human being. People do business with people they trust. Proven fact. Try asking a question (yes, be truly conversational). Try a fun fill in the blank post. Poll your followers on something.
  • Share infographics that are branded with your logo. is a great free tool to create awesome branded infographics. Something your followers will find interesting and want to share on their own page as well. Simple facts and stats are fine, just make the graphics impactful. Shares are awesome for increasing your page engagement organically and gaining new likes.
  • Videos. Followers would much rather watch a short engaging video than read a long post. Let your followers go behind the scenes. Let them virtually tour your facility or virtually meet key staff members. There are endless possibilities of fun things you can do with video on social. We’ll have to do a full blog soon on the ins and outs of social media video fun!

Is your head spinning a bit from trying to man your own social media and continually engage your audience? Did you know Hoosier Web Nerd does that too? Yep, not only do we build gorgeous websites, we help numerous clients with strategic social media and digital marketing.  Give us a call. Let’s define a strategic communications plan, set goals and press forward with meaningful marketing momentum.


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