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  • We often find clients are fearful of one little word – blogging. Their first responses are – I can’t write worth a darn, or what the heck do we have to write about. The thing they often aren’t thinking about is that business blogging isn’t just the regular chronicle your life or tell me about your latest adventures blogging. It’s not a personal blog, nor is it a hobby blog or a professional “mommy blog.”

    Business blogging is frequent strategic content that is served up to your audience via multiple channels. Above all, it’s content your audience and prospects find of value and want to keep reading long term.

    Let’s start with the basics 

    Blogging for business is short form content about a particular subject. Think stories about 300-500 words. Since Hoosier Web Nerd is a marketing and website development business our blogs are generally about marketing, websites and other digital tools for businesses that our clients find helpful. Your blogs should center on topics that relate to your business.

    Done right, a business blog can be a valuable marketing asset that increases your visibility online (yes we’re talking SEO and SEM), increases brand awareness, builds you as industry thought leader and brings leads to your door.

    Plus every time you publish blog content on your website, you are creating a new web page, which the search engines love. Refreshed and new content on websites is delightful in their eyes, especially Google.

    3 Reason Blogging Is a Superb Marketing Tactic

    • It drives website traffic, often times organically (think less paid ads)
    • It’s a fabulous tool for nurturing and conversion of leads
    • It helps establish you and your company as an industry thought leader

    In the big scheme of things, business blogging is a pretty low cost tactic in your arsenal of tools for implementing your overall strategic marketing plan. It facilitates new opportunities for your website to get found by prospects looking for someone just like you. Plus it brings new leads and customers right to your door.

    Not sure you have the power of words on your side, and still a little fearful about blogging for businesses? No problem. We can do it for you. Yep, you heard that right. Our content team can chat with you monthly or weekly, gather ideas and create blogs perfect for your website.

    Ready to get blogging? Let’s chat.